brites’ Advice on Cleaning Your Store

Why is this important?

A build up of fines and dust can:
  • Obstruct the flow of pellets from your store;
  • Block Augers;
  • Cause problems with your boiler.

How Often Should you Clean Your Store?

To comply with UK Pellet Council (UKPC) regulations your pellet store must be cleaned every two years or five deliveries, whichever comes first.

Risks to Manage when Cleaning the Store

High risks can be associated with untrained exposure to the wood pellets in an enclosed space.

Make sure you are aware of these important guidelines.

brites Cleaning & Top Up Service

brites can help with cleaning your store starting April

  • Pellet stores have to fulfil a number of requirements to make sure that the pellet quality is maintained and safe operation is guaranteed;
  • According to the European Pellet Council (EPC), you should buy your wood pellets only from ENplus-certified sources, like brites.
  • In contrast to other certificates, only ENplus covers the whole supply chain, including pellet production as well as the distribution;
  • Please click on the guide image to see a list of recommendations on the design, installation and operation of fuel stores for pellet heating appliances.