The Fully Integrated Energy Solution

As part of our commitment to supporting a low carbon economy we offer a fully integrated energy solution to industrial and commercial organisations that use steam in their production process.

This unique proposition gives industrial customers the opportunity to reduce energy costs significantly over oil and reduce carbon emissions by up to 100%, whilst enabling them to benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for the next twenty years.

Not only can our customers benefit from having a world class solution for the supply of steam in an industrial or commercial setting, they also have the guarantee of a secure fuel supply for the next twenty years.

The distillery sector in Scotland is one of the sectors which is currently benefiting from our industrial steam solution, including Tomatin Distillery which has already achieved the 2050 carbon reduction targets of 80% as set out by the Scotch Whisky Association – 37 years ahead of schedule. (Read about this case-study)

Other industrial manufacturing sectors that use process steam loads who can also significantly benefit from this unique solution including food processors, chemical manufacturers, animal feed producers and dairies based in non-gas areas throughout GB.

*RHI in Northern Ireland ceased on 29th February 2016

Energy Supply Contracts (ESCO’s)

We provide finance to each of these large projects and our experienced team manages the maintenance of the system and fuel supply.

This ensures that all risk and hassle is removed for the customer as there is no capital investment for them to make – they simply pay for the heat energy used as part of an Energy Supply Contract (ESCO).

Our solution also delivers energy savings from day one of the system going live, as well as carbon savings on a large scale.

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