brites Online Shop

brites are UK produced high quality wood pellets. Our pellets are manufactured sustainably from virgin wood residue as a co-product of Balcas’s saw milling process. The original timber is either spruce or pine. They are all locally sourced from sustainably managed forests, accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council.

No waste or recycled wood is used in the manufacturing process of brites.

Bulk Wood Pellets

Northern Ireland & Ireland – Any size delivery if you order online. The price includes VAT and Delivery.

England, Scotland and Wales – You can order online up to 5 tonnes.  Anything over 5 tonnes please call the office or your local representative.

Bagged Wood Pellets

Suitable for burning in pellet stoves and boilers. Price includes VAT and Delivery!

  • 75 x 10kg bags (750kg) full pallet
  • 50 x 10kg bags (500kg) half pallet
  • 25 x 10kg bags (250kg) quarter pallet